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We recommend to all our clients to inform themselves of and adhere to driving regulations at all times, here is a short list of some Croatian legislational that may not be the same as in your home country:

Drinking and driving - 0.5% alcohol tolerance (nil percent if found to be contravening a traffic or other regulation).

Mobile telephone - not allowed to be used whilst driving unless ‘hands-free’

Lights - headlamps on at - night and in low visibility during summer months and at all times during other periods.

Parking - vehicle removal operates in city centres in case of improper parking; any fines should be paid immediately and receipts kept; parking meters are at operation in most places and payment by mobile phone is available in some large cities.

Speed - limits of 130 km maximum at motorways, 90 km outside cities, 50 km within cities - all unless requested / authorized otherwise by road signs, police or other authority.

Please note this is just a reminder of some of the most ‘popular’ regulations, for full details you should check at any police station or you may ask the nearest tourist information office or Croatian Automobile Club - HAK (ARC Europe affiliate) who also operate road-side assistance service available by calling telephone number 987.

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Rental cars and rental motorcycles can easily be obtained when you visit Dubrovnik. Whether you need a rental car for a day, a week or longer, we will offer you a variety to choose from. Simply determine what vehicle suits your needs the most. This allows you to get the transportation you need to see all that you want throughout Dubrovnik as well as Croatia.

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