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There are many good reasons to choose to book your next car, motorcycle or boat with Brabel Rental Services. We make every effort to try to bring you competitive prices in the rental market, but refuse to compromise on the quality of our customer service.

Working with many trusted partners in Croatia, we are able to bring you a wide variety of pick-up locations to choose from.

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With many years of experience in the industry, Brabel Rental Services is perfectly positioned to provide you with an unforgettable hire experience. Whether you prefer to book over the phone by calling us at +385 91 1424-444, or online using our simple booking engine, we are here to answer your questions and concerns. We can be reached seven days a week, and are happy to help you find the right rental choice for your next holiday.

Find out about our rental prices and fill out the booking reservation form.


We deliver in all the major cities in Croatia. Are you arriving to Dubrovnik by plane? Looking to rent a car or motorcycle ? Brabel Rental Services can organize pick-up or dropp-off in almost every major city in Croatia that has an airport.

Want to book a rental car or motorcycle in Croatia? No problem, all you need to do is to fill out the booking reservation form. and inform where you want us to deliver your vehicle.

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Rental cars and rental motorcycles can easily be obtained when you visit Dubrovnik. Whether you need a rental car for a day, a week or longer, we will offer you a variety to choose from. Simply determine what vehicle suits your needs the most. This allows you to get the transportation you need to see all that you want throughout Dubrovnik as well as Croatia.

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  • Phone: +385 20 323-333
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  • Mobile: +385 91 1424-444 (0-24 h)